Labr is a free tool that graphs your lab results over time, helping you evaluate diet and lifestyle changes and identify trends in your health.

With Labr, you can:

  • Graph your lab results for easy visualization.
  • Keep all your lab results in one place with secure, on-device storage.
  • Take control of your health data without sacrificing privacy.

The most important change within modern medicine in the past twenty years is that people like you and I are taking greater control of our health. Second opinions have become fundamental; access to research has become essential; debates of diet and lifestyle have never been more well-researched. Our shared interests in living healthy lives has been rocket-fueled by our access to the internet!

Labr represents another step towards a shared goal of optimal health. Visualizing your health markers over time provides context and insight into how your choices impact your health. Your choices, your experiences, your outcomes!

What's more, Labr can help you identify trends in your health data and serve as an early warning. Imagine: you notice your iron levels take a downward trend, and you take action before the ugly symptoms of anemia throw your life into turmoil. Bullet dodged, thanks to your proactive oversight!

Labr is a natural value for people optimizing their health and using lab results to help manage their diet and lifestyle. Look for the open beta launching soon on Google Play!